Saturday, January 1, 2011

I'm Leaving, Last Entry

Hey is boring
Im moving to tumblr..

see you there!

IM moving in 24 hours

Mystery Man

This is what my night with mystery man was like. In a few weeks we are engaging in a threesome! hmmm! can't wait!

Last Week...

Hey Guys,

I need to tell you this story, I need to add it to my online Black Book.

So this really really hot guy, who had a slight English accent, was talking to me online at RHP (

and he shared the same interests as me, so we started talking...

anyways, I was waiting in the city for a date to show up.. was a no show. GREAT! so i was stuck in the city for another 5 hours before I was due at a friends house to stay the night.

well well well, in that moment I remembered I had this really hot guys number. yummy. So I gave him a call.

ok ok, I'm not a huge fan of booty calls, I fucking hate them to tell you the truth... but I was desperate, my g-string was splitting me in half and I felt like I needed to impress somebody with it...

He agrees to meet me.. We have never met before, and I was really nervous, because JP didn't know alot about this guy... but I was feeling dangerous that day

half an hour later I see this man with piercing green eyes walk up to me casually like we were dating, he gave me a goofy wave of the hand, and it totally broke the awkwardness. after about two minutes of talking we exchanged personal items, I wore his watch and he wore my really awesome hat.. that I love to bits.

We went to the bar, after walking from one end of the city to another holding hands, laughing (well for me, it was more snorting than laughing!) and really getting to know each other. I was so horny by this point, and hi hands on my lap was making me excruciatingly wet. SO we ditched the really bad drinks and the bar and drove to the nearest hotel... (he had flatmates, so we couldn't go to his)

we get to this really amazing hotel, and as soon as we stepped in, I grabbed the back of his head and pulled it towards mine, I fell back on the bed and I grabbed his shirt and forced him on top of me, he kinda got the drift that I was horny.. coz in a flash our clothes were off and we were kissing and grinding with such intensity, that i barely remembered I really wanted a shower, and I had a migraine coming on, so I pushed him out of the room and made him fetch me panadol (Love him for that) and then I slipped into the shower...

when he got back, I was smoother than a baby's bottom, and I was soaking in a bubble bath (a very small bubble bath,) he jumped in with me, and he sponge bathed me while we talked and giggled about how raunchy this was...

Then I turned around and set eyes on his cock.



ok so I hate penises.. They are ugly, and It takes so much effort to get them off... like if your a virgin, and you have no other way of pleasing a man other than to suck and suck and suck, or to push through the pain of anal, its hard work ok? sometimes cocks smell as well, and most of the time cum is disgusting, and I JUST HATE IT OK?

However I don't let the men let on that I hate it, I just act all hot and look like I want it.. they don't know the difference.

Sorry... and we are back.

Dude... this cock was like God's finest creation. Like it looked like Arch angel Gabriel handcrafted this cock just for me.

It stood straight like a pole, and it was extremely hard, not soft at all. The Head of the cock, was bulbous and was perfect and pink. His cock was medium, like perfect.. and the length, when I inhaled that penis into my mouth, he just slipped down my throat with such ease, so I only gagged a smidge.

It was amazing. I can actually say I fell in love with his penis and it was a joy to suck it.

The night in the hotel was amazing, It was one of my favourite sexual adventures.

Funny thing is, we didn't do anything kinkier than him spanking my pussy and a 69... Odd.


The night with this mystery man.. who will remain mysterious... was like a romantic getaway with your boyfriend of 5 years... He was a perfect gentleman and was very lovely, he didn't judge.. he was brilliant.

I felt so comfortable with him and our body's connected so well.. like ying and yang.

Marry me mystery man? or can I have an affair with you?



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